A Bookmark describes a shortcut child Element object within a Scene object.

  "id": "8537e8d6-758c-439c-af10-f60dd693044a",
  "parent" : "9db20a5b-cece-45be-96a0-c31ecedb721a",
  "scene": 4,
  "type": "action",
  "element": 2,
  "title": {
      "en": "Start"
  "description": {
      "en": ""
Property Description Type Required
element Index of the Element object within the scene. int Yes
description A Content object describing the bookmark. object Yes
scene Index of the Scene element. int Yes
parent Parent identifier of the object being bookmarked. string Yes
title A Title object with the name of the bookmark. object Yes
type The type property of the scene Element. string No


The index of a scene or element is analogous to its placement in an array (i.e. the array index). In the example above, the bookmark corresponds to the third element (action) in the fifth scene.